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Audit of your logistics organisation.
Study of your route plan.
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Training and awareness on green logistics for team leaders and delivery drivers.

Cartoway, the software for sustainable Ecologistics

Simple route planning

Create your routes in just a few clicks: less time, fewer kilometres, less CO2.

Automatic selection of the right vehicle

Our software incorporates the new LEZ road regulations, and restrictions on all mechtheranical, thermal, electric and gas vehicles: bicycles, scooters, cars, vans and HGVs.

Improved quality of work

Our algorithms reduce the time it takes to organise routes and help you balance the workload of your delivery staff.

Better quality of service

We take into account your business constraints: customer schedules, vehicle capacity, working hours, to calculate the optimum routes.

Our solutions

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20 € excl. VAT / month / deliverer

with 3-year contract

Route displays

Data import

Manual route organisation, drag & drop

Geographical sectorisation


40 € HT / month / deliverer

with 3-year contract

Simple offer options

Optimisation by sector

Automatic optimisation

HGVs restrictions

Advanced Services

On quotation

Route analysis


Predeployment audit

API interface

White label

OnPremise deployment